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When Hair Clippers Become a Source of Infection in the Salon!

When Hair Clippers Become a Source of Infection in the Salon!

Professional disinfection and hygiene in salons, barbershops and cosmetic studios must be a top priority, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
One source of infection transmission that is often overlooked are hair clippers and trimmers blades!

It goes without saying that clipper or trimmer blades are exposed to direct skin contact while in use, therefore the risk of infection transmission is extremely high. To avoid any chance of infection it is important to thoroughly clean and disinfect the blades AFTER EVERY CUSTOMER.

The quick and effective solution: CLIPPERCIDE®-Spray with it‘s professional Salon 5-Fold Formulation:

• Disinfects
• Cleans
• Lubricates
• Cools
• Protects against Rust

How do you properly care for and disinfect the hair clippers?

Clippercide Spray with its ingenious 5-fold formula does everything in one easy step! Clippercide‘s high pressure spray blows out hair, dirt and skin particles and professionally disinfects and lubricates the clipper blades. This reduces wear on the shear heads caused by excessive friction and keeps the blades sharp at all times. In addition, a special anti-rust formula protects the blades and extends the life of the hair clippers.

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