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Salons Have Re-opened After Lockdown!

Salons Have Re-opened After Lockdown!

Safe and Effective Hygiene and Disinfection Concepts are Now More Important Than Ever!

BARBICIDE® Disinfection Spray

Specially developed for salons, barbershops, nail and cosmetic studios as well as podiatry, solarium and wellness. Fast and effective disinfection for all non porous surfaces, appliances and tools.

Now Available !
5 Liter Refill Canister

It is important to thoroughly clean and disinfect salon surfaces and tools after each customer to ensure proper infection control. BARBICIDE® Disinfection Spray is a “must “in every salon.

• Safe protection with a broad spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, fungus, viruses and pathogens
• Easy to use, thanks to its ready-to-use, professional disinfectant formula
• Can be used on all non-porous surfaces and objects (tools and appliances )

Application: Simply spray on to the surface to be disinfected, allow it to remain wet for 3 minutes (important – the contact time must be strictly adhered to) and then wipe off.


BARBICIDE® Back to Work Plan

BARBICIDE® presents the BARBICIDE BACK TO WORK action plan for salon professionals to help them during the COVID19 pandemic. We strongly recommend that all salons apply this plan into their daily routine to make sure their salon is 100 % safe during these uncertain times.

Here is an additional checklist of the required item for safe and professional salon disinfection:

• BARBICIDE Concentrate (Important: the correct mixing ratio is 50ml to 950ml water)
• BARBICIDE Disinfectant Spray for non porous surfaces and tools
• BARBICIDE Disinfection Wipes for non porous surfaces and tools
• Ship-Shape Professional Salon Cleaner for salon chairs ,mirrors and appliances
• CLIPPERCIDE SPRAY Disinfects and cleans hair clipper blades )
• Towels /Paper towels
• Disposable Gloves

You can download the BARBICIDE® Back-to-Work Plan here:

Download: BARBICIDE® Back-to-Work Plan for Salons


BARBICIDE® Hygiene Plan

The BARBICIDE® Hygiene plan is essential in making sure you are using the right products and the correct application. Here you can find an overview of BARBICIDE® products and the directions for use.

You can download the BARBICIDE® Hygiene Plan here:

Download: BARBICIDE® Hygiene Plan 2021


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