Exclusive European Distributor for BARBICIDE® Branded Products
For the disinfection of scissors, combs, instruments for salons, barbershops and cometic studios

Barbicide Disinfection Jars

Barbicide Disinfection Jars

Large Jar – 1.100 ml
Midsize Jar – 750 ml
Manicure Table Jar – 120 ml

The iconic symbol for disinfection and hygiene in salons and barbershops has always been the Barbicide glass jar with the silver lid.

Designed in 1947, the jars are available in three sizes to meet your needs for disinfecting different sizes of implements

Available in three sizes accommodate various sizes of disinfecting implements:

  • Large Jar for scissors, combs and brushes
  • Midsize Jar for razors and nail instruments
  • Table Jar for tweezers, nails bits, and extractors

Still made with the same quality as it was 75 years ago, our jars come in three sizes to meet your needs for disinfecting all sizes of implements.


All stainless steel parts have a lifetime warranty against rust.

Legal Requirement

By using Barbicide, you fulfill the legal requirement to disinfect salon and spa instruments. This minimizes the risk of disease transmission – for the protection of your employees and customers.

The Optimum Exposure Time

Scissors, combs and other instruments should remain in the BARBICIDE solution for at least 15 minutes. Maximum contact time no longer than one hour.

Technical data:

Base: 11 cm
Height: 30 cm
Capacity: 1.100 ml

Technical data:

Base: 11 cm
Height: 20 cm
Capacity: 750 ml

Technical data:
BARBICIDE Manicure Table Jar

Base: 6 cm
Height: 9 cm
Capacity: 120 ml

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