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Everyday Salon Life Made Easier! Introducing 3 top products that can make salon life simple, offering high effectiveness, performance and safety! Salon Hack #1 DY-ZOFF COLOR REMOVER PADS! Fast, Especially Effective and Super Gentle To The Skin!... Read more
High Risks of Infection in the Salon! Salon professionals and their customers are exposed to viruses and pathogens on a daily basis. All surfaces and tools (scissors, combs, hair clippers, manicure, pedicure or lash extension instruments, etc.)... Read more
Salons Have Re-opened After Lockdown! Safe and Effective Hygiene and Disinfection Concepts are Now More Important Than Ever! BARBICIDE® Disinfection Spray Specially developed for salons, barbershops, nail and cosmetic studios as well as podiatry, solarium... Read more
BARBICIDE® Hygiene Plan More Hygiene Awareness Salons, barbershops, cosmetic & nail studios as well as wellness oases and solariums – are all very busy places and the chance of infection is high due... Read more
Award winning Barber Jessyca Hartsoe about Covid-19 in the Hairdressing Industry “During these difficult times, many salon owners are concerned, but we shouldn’t let it get us down”, Jessyca Hartsoe. The award-winning Barber talks about the challenges Covid-19 brings to the... Read more
NEW BARBICIDE®-CONCENTRATE for optimal disinfection protection in the Salon NEW BARBICIDE®-CONCENTRATE FOR OPTIMAL DISINFECTION PROTECTION IN THE SALON Now available! More protection for your Costumers and the Salon Team  In today’s modern world, there are constantly new viruses and pathogens emerging,... Read more
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