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Our help for Ukraine We are pleased to inform you about a humanitarian aid campaign that we have implemented for people in Ukraine! We were able to successfully send a total of 9 pallets with BARBICIDE® disinfectant products, to four... Read more
When Hair Clippers Become a Source of Infection in the Salon! Professional disinfection and hygiene in salons, barbershops and cosmetic studios must be a top priority, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. One source of infection transmission that is often overlooked are... Read more
Infection Risks in the Salon HOW LONG DOES THE CORONA VIRUS SURVIVE ON SURFACES?   Since the Covid 19 pandemic, professional disinfection and hygiene are essential in every salon or barbershop to protect customers and... Read more
Everyday Salon Life Made Easier! Introducing 3 top products that can make salon life simple, offering high effectiveness, performance and safety! Salon Hack #1 DY-ZOFF COLOR REMOVER PADS! Fast, Especially Effective and Super Gentle To The Skin!... Read more
High Risks of Infection in the Salon! Salon professionals and their customers are exposed to viruses and pathogens on a daily basis. All surfaces and tools (scissors, combs, hair clippers, manicure, pedicure or lash extension instruments, etc.)... Read more
Salons Have Re-opened After Lockdown! Safe and Effective Hygiene and Disinfection Concepts are Now More Important Than Ever! BARBICIDE® Disinfection Spray Specially developed for salons, barbershops, nail and cosmetic studios as well as podiatry, solarium... Read more
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