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🌲 December: A hectic Time in Every Salon ❌ Christmas is just around the corner and the busiest time of the year for all salons.This means full appointment books and increased sales, but at the same time, it also... Read more
Autumn 🍂🍁 Deep Clean in the Salon! Autumn is  the Perfect Time to Deep Clean the Salon!  Get your salon furniture, appliances, workstations and tools looking  like new again before the winter arrives and the holiday salon rush begins! KING RESEARCH International,... Read more
Hot Summer Days In The Salon 🔆 Attention: Potential High Risk For Infection! This summer, we are experiencing “ heat waves” in all regions of Europe.  What many people don’t know, when temperatures rise, the risk of infection in salons, barbershops and cosmetic... Read more
Our help for Ukraine We are pleased to inform you about a humanitarian aid campaign that we have implemented for people in Ukraine! We were able to successfully send a total of 9 pallets with BARBICIDE® disinfectant products, to four... Read more
When Hair Clippers Become a Source of Infection in the Salon! Professional disinfection and hygiene in salons, barbershops and cosmetic studios must be a top priority, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. One source of infection transmission that is often overlooked are... Read more
Infection Risks in the Salon HOW LONG DOES THE CORONA VIRUS SURVIVE ON SURFACES?   Since the Covid 19 pandemic, professional disinfection and hygiene are essential in every salon or barbershop to protect customers and... Read more
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