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High Risks of Infection in the Salon!

High Risks of Infection in the Salon!

Salon professionals and their customers are exposed to viruses and pathogens on a daily basis. All surfaces and tools (scissors, combs, hair clippers, manicure, pedicure or lash extension instruments, etc.) that are not properly disinfected can pose a high risk of infection. The slightest trace of a virus or bacteria can change our lives forever from one day to the next.

Professional Disinfection in the Salon is a MUST!

Safety and health should be a top priority ! Today more than ever, every salon should have a professional disinfection and hygiene concept that is followed by every member of the team. Most importantly, the effectiveness and the quality of the disinfectants used must be considered. At the present time,Covid-19 poses a major threat to our society but there are other dangerous viruses and pathogens, for example Hepatitis B & C. Worldwide over 500 million people are infected with this very contagious virus.

BARBICIDE®-Disinfection Products

BARBICIDE® disinfectant products offer optimal protection for your salon team and customers and is officially certified as effective against Covid19. The updated formula is 100% effective against newly emerging pathogens and ALL types of viruses, bacteria and fungus. In addition, BARBICIDE® is certified and approved according to the legally regulated EU standards and guidelines.

BARBICIDE®-Disinfection Concentrate:

• Extended protection- Effective against 100% of ALL existing forms of viruses (incl. Covid-19), bacteria and fungus
• Economical to use
• Fragrance Free
• The most effective and safest way to reliably disinfect salon, barber and cosmetic tools

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