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Herr Feldmann talks about disinfection and health protection in salons

Herr Feldmann talks about disinfection and health protection in salons

Alexander Feldmann was the first barber who opened a barbershop and hairdressing salon in the middle of Moenchengladbach / Germany, which is furnished with American oldschool design. He inspires his male customers daily with first-class men’s haircuts and shaves: Herr Feldmann is one of the first real American like barbers in Germany. Even before everyone jumped on the big barber trend, he had discovered this area for himself and at that time he acquired profound knowledge about men’s haircuts and shaving techniques in New York. His success is shown up with his barbershop. He keeps attention to detail in terms of furnishings, product selection and a good portion of New York spirit. At “Herr Feldmann”, which is also the name of his hairdressing salon, his excellent expertise is reflected by the outstanding services he and his team offer and also in the way he handles the topic of health and safety. This will take on a new significance in the entire hairdressing industry after the Covid-19 crisis. As a long-standing brand ambassador for the salon disinfection brand BARBICIDE, he has experience in the field of salon hygiene and health protection.

In an interview with Alexander Feldmann alias Mr. Feldmann, we talked about his personal view on this.

1.The Covid-19 virus continues and the second wave comes over the world. What role has disinfection played in your salon up to now and how do you see it in the future for the entire industry?

Long before the pandemic, hygiene in our salon was and still is a major issue on which we do not accept any compromises. That is why I am glad to have got to know Barbicide’s salon disinfection products in the USA at the beginning of 2000. Since then I have been using them consistently in my shops. It wasn’t until Covid-19 that the majority of the industry paid more attention to salon disinfection. I have always attached great importance to the fact that all disinfection measures are carried out correctly and my salon team is also trained accordingly.

2. Do you have a hygiene concept or a specific hygiene plan that you and your team follow? What measures do you take in your barbershop / hairdressing salon?

I like to refer to the hygiene plan of BARBICIDE. We consistently implement each of the disinfection measures listed there. Furthermore, all barbershops have a mask obligation, FFP2 & visor for beard / shave / facial treatments and hand disinfection on radar. I make sure that every new employee is aware of our disinfection priorities at the job interview and after that he/she receives intensive training on all disinfection measures before his/her first hour of work in our salon. This is standard and obligatory for us; for me there is no exception. In addition, every member of our staff must complete the online course for the BARBICIDE certificate for professional disinfection and salon hygiene.

3. Do you have the feeling that your customers perceive your approach to disinfection?

Yes, because every new customer speaks to us at the latest when we remove our tools from the BARBICIDE jar in front of him during his treatment. A very important measure is also the disinfection of the blades of a hair clippers – and that after every customer! The blades comes into direct skin contact and the danger of transmission of pathogens can be eliminated in any case. With appropriate blade sprays such as CLIPPERCIDE, a professional disinfection works very simple and quick.

4. How do you raise your employees’ awareness of disinfection and hygiene issue?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, a new awareness has emerged anyway; and this throughout the industry. Nevertheless, I raise the issue of disinfection at least once a week at our team meetings and point out again and again that the required guidelines are being observed. In autumn/winter, in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing the regular flu season and must act responsibly and implement every measure without compromise to protect ourselves, the salon team and salon customers from infection. We must remember that we can buy many things, but health is irreplaceable.

5. BARBICIDE – why do you like the brand?

I love companies with which I can identify. This is 100% true with BARBICIDE. The core effort here is dedicated to maintaining our health. BARBICIDE has been offering disinfection products since 1947 and has always developed them for best quality. So there is a very long and unique history of experience. I am a craftsman and therefore also have a pragmatic approach. I appreciate the BARBICIDE products because of their reliability and their uncomplicated application. I can rely 100% on the formula of the disinfectant liquids, which are officially certified in their effectiveness against the Covid-19 virus.

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