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Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How do I mix BARBICIDE correctly?

BARBICIDE CONCENTRATE is mixed correctly by adding:

  • 50 ml Barbicide Concentrate in 950 ml water for large size jar
  • 40 ml Barbicide Concentrate in 700 ml water for medium size jar

What is the contact time for BARBICIDE solution and BARBICIDE WIPES?

The contact time for Barbicide solution is 15 minutes, for Barbicide Wipes and Barbicide Spray, 3 minutes of moist contact.

What is Contact Time?

Contact time refers to the length of time a product must stay moist with a disinfectant to be effective against the pathogens listed on the label.

How often should I change the BARBICIDE solution?

Barbicide should be changed two times per week for all containers used to submerge combs, brushes, shears, and instruments. This includes the Barbicide jars or plastic tubs. Change the solution immediately when it becomes contaminated with blood, cloudy or full of hair.

Will BARBICIDE harm my plastic combs / brushes or fine shears?

Barbicide will not harm your plastic or metals; however it is not recommended that you leave your shears in the solution for long periods of time, due to the different qualities of metals. Disinfection is complete after 15 minutes.

What is the difference between Clean, Disinfection and Sterilization?

CLEAN All visable dirt or substances have been removed. For example: Wiping a workspace, cleaning an item with soap and water or using a chemical cleaner like Ship Shape Salon Cleaner.

DISINFECTION Refers to the killing of most microbial life that causes infections such as, Influenza, Staphylococcus, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Salmonella and Hepatitis. This step is done after cleaning and requires the use of a disinfectant such as Barbicide solution, Wipes or Spray.

STERILIZATION is the killing of all microbial life and requires an autoclave or cold sterilizer. This method is mainly used in Heathcare or hospitals and requires cleaning and disinfecting steps prior to sterilization.

Can I use BARBICIDE WIPES and BARBICIDE DISINFECTION SPRAY on my acrylic tanning bed?

Yes. Barbicide Spray or Wipes do not contain alcohol and can be used safely on all surfaces. Spray or wipe surface to be disinfected, for example: tanning beds, telephones, computer keyboards, toilets, salon chairs and workplaces. Keep surface visibly moist for the 3 minute contact time. Barbicide Wipes can not be used to disinfect the skin.

Can the BARBICIDE HAND DISINFECTION be used anywhere on the body?

Yes. Barbicide Hand Disinfection can be used anywhere on the skin. It can be used to disinfect hands before starting a service. It is also used to disinfect the hands and feet of the customer before a manicure or pedicure.

Can I use SHIP-SHAPE Spray on my mirrors and glass?

Yes. Ship Shape can be used to clean almost all hard surfaces for example: glass, mirrors, stainless steel, workplaces, chairs, salon appliances (flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers). When using Ship Shape to clean mirrors, it is important to wipe in a circular motion for the best result. To remove styling products from salon appliances, use only on warm or almost cool flat irons and curling irons etc. Ship Shape is not recommended for use on wood or varnished surfaces.

What can I use to clean and disinfect my hair clipper?

Clippercide is a 5 in 1 product that: cool blades, cleans, disinfects, lubricates and control rust on your hair clipper. Your clipper will last longer and the blades will remain sharp! No need to put extra oil on the blades, they are lubricated and disinfected with every spray of Clippercide. Spray only on clipper blades not on the entire clipper.

Can DRAIN FREE prevent and clean my drains that are clogged with hair, shampoo and conditioner?

Yes. Drain Free is specially developed for the professional salon. It will stop clogging of the salon drains, by dissolving hair and hair products without damaging the pipes. Use 100 ml once a week to prevent clogging, let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. For clogged drain, use pour 200 ml into clogged drain, let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Kann ABFLUSS FREI verstopfte Rohre verhindern und meine bereits mit Haaren, Shampoo und Spülung verstopften Rohre reinigen?

Ja. ABFLUSS-FREI wurde speziell für professionelle Salons entwickelt. Es wird eine Verstopfung der Salonrohre verhindern, indem ABFLUSS-FREI Haare und Haarprodukte auflöst ohne die Rohre zu Beschädigen. Nehmen sie 100 ml ABFLUSS-FREI einmal pro Woche um Verstopfungen zu verhindern und 200 ml wenn sie bereits verstopfte Rohre haben.

I have a tile floor in my salon. Can I use Sparkle Salon Floor Cleaner on it?

Yes. Sparkle Salon Floor Cleaner can be used on most types of floors to remove the residue of hair spray, styling products and dirt from the salon floor. It is highly concentrated so one capful of Sparkle is all you need for beautiful salon floors. Not recommended on marble or granite.

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