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Everyday Salon Life Made Easier!

Everyday Salon Life Made Easier!

Introducing 3 top products that can make salon life simple, offering high effectiveness, performance and safety!

Salon Hack #1


Fast, Especially Effective and Super Gentle To The Skin!

Dy-Zoff Pads remove even the darkest of color ( reds, black & brown) from the skin in seconds, without harsh rubbing or chemicals. Best of all: thanks to soothing Aloe Vera, they are exceptionally gentle to the skin.

Salon Hack #2


Instantly cleans salon surfaces & appliances and leaves a radiant shine!

In a busy salon endless amounts of styling products like hair spray are used on a daily basis. Hairspray and other styling products are difficult to remove from surfaces such as salon chairs, mirrors and appliances. This residue often accumulates on salon surfaces causing them to look dirty and dull. Without daily cleaning, a salon can quickly become unattractive for the customer.

Hairspray Adé!

Ship Shape Salon & Appliance Cleaner with its unique formulation, removes hairspray and styling product residue in seconds! Great for cleaning salon appliances, like flat irons with built up product residue.

Salon Hack #3


Thanks to its 5-fold formula, Clippercide protects and DISINFECTS clipper blades – in just one, easy step! Simply spray on the blades and you are ready for your next customer.

Hair clippers are used for almost every haircut, especially in barbershops. It is important to be aware that there is a high risk of transmitting infectious diseases, due to direct skin contact with the clipper blades. A 5 step formula spray that disinfects, lubricates , clean, cools and protects against rust is all you need!






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