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BARBICIDE® Hygiene Plan

BARBICIDE® Hygiene Plan

More Hygiene Awareness

Salons, barbershops, cosmetic & nail studios as well as wellness oases and solariums – are all very busy places and the chance of infection is high due to close skin contact! It is all the more important to be educated and prepared to integrate professional disinfection measures firmly into everyday salon life. Thanks to the innovative professional products from BARBICIDE®, disinfection and proper salon hygiene can be effective and easy to do. For example, the distinctive BARBICIDE ® Disinfection Jar and the optimized BARBICIDE® Disinfection Concentrate. These jars are available in 3 sizes: large, medium, or small table jar, depending on the tool size.

BARBICIDE® has developed a Hygiene Plan, to assist you in understanding the product assortment. Here you can discover the “What -When, and How” of the products at a glance.

You can download the BARBICIDE Hygiene Plan for free on our website:

Download Desinfektions- und Hygiene Plan

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