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Award winning Barber Jessyca Hartsoe about Covid-19 in the Hairdressing Industry

Award winning Barber Jessyca Hartsoe about Covid-19 in the Hairdressing Industry

“During these difficult times, many salon owners are concerned, but we shouldn’t let it get us down”, Jessyca Hartsoe.

The award-winning Barber talks about the challenges Covid-19 brings to the hairdressing industry.

Jessyca Hartsoe is one of the most famous barbers in Germany. Since 2011 she successfully owns and operates “Jessy’s Barber Girls” barbershop and cult store in Waghäusel, Germany. This exceptional barber with American roots achieved the prestigious second place at the Professional German Barber Awards in 2016 and was also recently named Germany’s “Best Female Barber”. Jessy is a star in the hairdressing industry and social media. She acts as a Brand Ambassador for various barbering and hairdressing brands, gives barbering seminars, runs a very successful shop and always remains wonderfully grounded and likable.

1. What do you think about the Covid-19 situation and how does it influence the hairdressing industry from your perspective?

I think I speak for the majority of my professional colleagues when I say that we are having a hard time at the moment! I am in contact with many hairdressers and salon owners, exchanging ideas and I must say depending on the circumstances, some of us are really hit hard. Who would have thought that one day we would face such challenges? I have been in the industry for 28 years and this situation was new for all of us, but we as entrepreneurs we must find a way to get through this. Of course, when the first pandemic wave was over in early summer, the salons were literally stormed by customers and we all had a lot to do. But now we are faced with the next challenge, many salon owners are very concerned, but we should not let this get us down. The exchange with colleagues helps me because we are all in the same boat. In our salon, we strictly adhere to all safety and hygiene regulations. Any customer that enters our salon without a mask, even if they have a medical negative test result, will not be allowed entry. I will not compromise my team or customers. That is why it is so important to offer our customer security within the scope of all possibilities. Disinfection and health protection in the salon must be taken seriously and consistently implemented. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, we have always cleaned and disinfected our tools and appliances after each customer, because the equipment comes into direct skin contact and the risk of infection is high.

2. How did you handle this Salon Hygiene before Covid-19?

Disinfection has always been an important issue in our salon, even long before Covid-19. From the very beginning, I had clear guidelines for disinfection and hygiene in the salon, which my team and I strictly follow. When BARBICIDE launched the BARBICIDE Certification Course for Professional Disinfection and Salon Hygiene , I immediately had my entire team complete the online course. Every barber displayed their BARBICIDE CERTIFICATE in the salon, which was very well received by our customers. Customers are generally more reassured when they see and feel that the salon is taking the hygiene issue seriously, especially now when the pandemic
is spreading so aggressively.

3. Describe the hygiene measures you take in your barbershop or hairdressing salon?

We have strongly regulated procedures for disinfection measures, which we follow exactly. We disinfect the chairs, workplaces and tools after every customer and service. The salon team disinfects their hands before they start a service and we insist that every customer disinfects their hands when they enter the salon. We disinfect all of the scissors and combs before the customer’s eyes, using the BARBICIDE jar with the bright blue BARBICIDE liquid and the hair clippers with the CLIPPERCIDE SPRAY. When I hire new employees, they are trained immediately in our salon hygiene practices and infection control. The subject of proper salon hygiene is so important to me that I also give seminars in other salons on the subject of disinfection.

4. How do you raise the awareness of your employees about disinfection and health protection in the salon?

We have regular team meetings and the topic of disinfection and salon hygiene is always on the agenda. I would like to emphasize that my team adheres strictly to all the guidelines in this regard. Disinfection is so firmly anchored in our salon everyday life, it is a basic part in of our profession. It goes without saying, that every new employee must complete the BARBICIDE Certification Course before they start to work in our salon.

5. Do you have the feeling that your customers value your commitment to disinfection?

Yes, our customers value our strict salon hygiene practices and definitely notice it. All these measures give them a feeling of trust and security. For example, when they see that we put the tools in the disinfection jar, they often ask what we are doing and it leaves a professional and secure impression. We have often received plus points for hygiene on various Google evaluations, with the remarks that customers feel safe with us in terms of salon hygiene and health protection.

6. KING RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL “The Makers of BARBICIDE” is a long standing partner of yours. Why is this partnership so important to you ?

I have worked closely with the people at King Research International for many years and I value their professionalism, quality of the products and their commitment to their customers. BARBICIDE has developed disinfection and salon hygiene products specifically for salon business for over 70 years and is the global leader in this area. I trust the products 100% and I highly recommend the BARBICIDE brand to anyone that would like disinfection products they can always trust, especially during these difficult times.

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