Exclusive European Distributor for BARBICIDE® Branded Products

Disinfection & Hygiene Products

King Research International is the exclusive European distributor of BARBICIDE® branded products since 2007

Strategically based in southern Germany, King Research International offers fast and efficient delivery to international customers.

BARBICIDE® is the globally recognized symbol of salon hygiene and disinfection at the highest level.

Since 1947, hairdressers, barbers, cosmeticians and nail designers have placed their trust in the signature bright, blue BARBICIDE® products to safely clean and disinfect their tools and salon environment.

In today’s changing world, there are new viruses and pathogens emerging on a daily basis. King Research International constantly strives to update and improve the effectiveness of our existing product assortment as well as develop new products to serve the special needs of the beauty industry.

We invite you to take a look at our unique assortment of salon hygiene and disinfection products and the many educational tools we offer within our website.

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